Re: Roles, again (Bill Brayman)
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 95 13:56:46 PDT
From: (Bill Brayman)
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: Roles, again
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Pat hayes replies:

>What you are calling 'roles' here are simply the argument places of the
>relation, and your conceptual Jabberwockiness comes directly from trying to
>think of them as actual entities when they are, at best, only a kind of
>metasyntactic relationship between a relation and a sort.

Pat, time to break out of the 9 dots*.  Meta (syntactic) to what?  I for
one would like to see a logic system that covers "seller" or
"buyer" (for example) as more than a syntactic relationship.  "Argument places" is a
closed-world-assumption kind of concept.  I want a logic that allows me
to reason without having to thread down to what I think you experts
call the herbrand universe to determine the role of the arguments.
Bring the role definition to the top.  That's how humans reason.


Bill Brayman

*connect the following dots using exactly four straight lines: