KB interchange standards

gio@darpa.mil (Gio Wiederhold)
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 91 11:45:09 EST
From: gio@darpa.mil (Gio Wiederhold)
Message-id: <9111221645.AA10897@ next65.darpa.mil >
To: Neches@darpa.mil, friedlan@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov
Subject: KB interchange standards
Cc: SRKB@isi.edu, INTERLINGUA@isi.edu, KR-ADVISORY@isi.edu,
        JFULTON@atc.boeing.com, ohlander@isi.edu (Ron Ohlander), TI@darpa.mil
It seems that the time is ripe to make an aggressive stab at  
achieving a broad consensus on an Interlingua for knowledge  

While there are several different proposals on the table, in various  
states of development and validation, they are quite similar in  
objective, and most seem to be willing to accept a reasonable amount  
of formalism in order to assure growth and consistency.
If these groups do not coalesce, then it is likely that multiple  
divergent pseaudo-standards will emerge.

While DARPA has supported a specific standards effort, it is in  
DARPA's interest to have an outcome which is 

	a. be technically correct
	b. be acceptable to as broad a community as possible
	c. be susceptible to growth.

I expect that Bob Neches can help in arranging that the work of the  
communities involved can be shared, mutually discussed,  
scientifically evaluated, and assessed for acceptance.  That is a  
tall order and will need everyone's cooperation.