RE: Basic Semantic Repository & ISO 11179 & Z39.50 ?

"Verina Horsnell. CSAC Europe.830 4833. REO2 F/H8" <>
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Date: Fri, 21 Jul 95 12:16:54 MET DST
From: "Verina Horsnell. CSAC Europe.830 4833. REO2 F/H8" <>
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Subject: RE: Basic Semantic Repository & ISO 11179 & Z39.50 ?
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	Z39.50 and the BSR

	Z39.50 was developed by NISO (USA). The international
	equivalent of this committee is ISO TC 46, Information 
	and Documentation. ISO TC 46, whose interchange standards 
	preceded EDIFACT, recognised early on the dangers of 
	developing incompatible message systems and data elements, 
	and therefore the need for harmonization, have participated 
	from the start in identifying the requirement for and the
	development of the BSR.

	The data elements for use with Z39.50 and other bibliographic 
	information interchange standards are recorded in ISO 8459, an
	International Standard published by ISO TC 46. Three parts of
	ISO 8459 are now published and two in progress.  A comparison 
	of data elements in one part of ISO 8459 and UN/TDED was undertaken 
	early in the development of the BSR by the ISO/TAG7 Data Element 
	Coordination Group, (The predecessor of the BSR Management

	You may also be aware that ISO TC 46 is currently planning to 
	fast track Z39.50 as an International Standard.

	I hope that this helps to place the connection between
	Z39.50 and the BSR activities.

	Verina Horsnell
	Chair ISO TC 46