Re: All agreed, but what's out there now?

Wanda Pratt <>
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From: Wanda Pratt <>
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Subject: Re: All agreed, but what's out there now?
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>        The Stanford repository of Ontolingua/KIF-based
>   mini-ontologies is at
>   tml/ for the Web or
>   for FTP access. 

The above URL is the old way to access Ontolingua ontologies.
You may still use that URL, but the ontologies found there
have not been updated for many months.  We may eliminate this 
location eventually.

To access the current Ontolingua ontologies via the
web, you should use the ontology editor at
After logging in (you may login anonymously), select 
the ontology editor. There are many more ontologies 
available from this site than from the URL that Fritz
distributed. Using this URL also gives you access to a tool
for creating your own ontologies, possibly reusing ontologies
in the library.

Some of the ontologies in our library are read protected
while they are being developed, but we hope they will
be made available to everyone soon.


Wanda Pratt 
Knowledge Systems Lab
Stanford University