Good and Bad IS-A hierarchies (Fritz Lehmann)
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 95 17:01:44 CDT
From: (Fritz Lehmann)
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Subject: Good and Bad IS-A hierarchies
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     Peter Clark wrote, among other things, this:
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What I wouldn't like to
now see is a lot of isa-hierarchies published, with little or no information
in the general/top-level concepts.
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     The key thing is the "little or no information".  I _would_ like
to see generally  useful IS-A hierarchies published, provided they
explicity state what information is contained in each concept --
what can be inherited.  Also there is a lot of important Large-scale
structure stuff that normally goes unaddressed, like the different
notions of "dimension" in Bruce Porters, Doug Skuce's, CYC's (slot-
based still?) and my theories.  I don't know how the Pangloss
Ontology handles this; I've never seen the ontology itself.

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... For example, your ontology may model a room as a container but I want to
model it as a point location (or person as a thing/process, carpet as
in/partof the room etc.). This ontological distinction isn't really
important (it's a task-dependent question), and shouldn't distract the
debate -- what is important is that I have the components available in
the first place (ie. a representation of what it *means* to be a "container"
or a "point location") to be able to build either of these models as needed.

                - Pete
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     Yeah, and I'd also emphasize the _conversion_ between the two
treatments of room, and the fundamentally related issue of the
particular _approximation_ involved in both representations.  A room
is not _really_ a point nor is it _really_ a container; it is useful
to think of it both ways, and in both cases certain (purpose-irrelevant)
information is deliberately suppressed and disregarded.  This is at the
heart of the Knowledge Sharing problem (or semantic database integration
for that matter).

                          Yours truly,   Fritz Lehmann
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