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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 15:15:32 -0700
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To:, (Fritz Lehmann)
From: (Michael R. Genesereth)
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At 12:54 PM 6/6/95 -0500, Fritz Lehmann wrote:
>Dear Doug,
>     Sorry, I do not know of any other citations on the meta-level capabilities
>of KIF.  Recently KIF has been cut down closer to FOL; I think the latest
>KIF-only standard might not allow even weakly higher-order relations (?). 
>My impression from the public non-responsiveness to outsiders'
>critical comment on KIF is A. The real discussions of KIF take place on
>a private, "inner circle" KIF mailing list, and B. Public criticism/feedback
>on KIF is regarded as being an attack in a competitive environment,
>and is thus not always totally appreciated.  I am pro-KIF and intend to
>use it along with Conceptual Graphs, but the KIF "administration" seems

Well I cannot ignore that comment.  KIF is te subject of standard ANSI
practice.  It is subject to the discussion and vote of X3T2.  Anyone is
permotted to join.  (This is in contrast to the earlier management of KIF,
whic was under the control of an arpa-appointed committee.)  Furthermore,
the X3T2 ad hoc group working on KIF has decided to solicit feedback on all
decisions from teh general public.  This will take the form of (1)
publication of the starting doucment (as soon as Geneseret has a chance to
finish it) and (2) open discussion on the kif mailing list.

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