Re: ANSI X3H4 meeting next week

Robert Neches <>
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Subject: Re: ANSI X3H4 meeting next week 
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Date: Fri, 04 Oct 91 14:16:08 PDT
From: Robert Neches <>

>For our mechanical systems I would prefer that a single module NOT consider
>multiple ontologies (near-)simultanously.  Few humans are good a keeping two
>sets of books distinct, even when motivated by the IRS.
>On the other hand, layering, where one module reasons about the ontology of
>another module, seems fairly managable (as .. this person makes that
>statement, because his/her background is such and so --) seems to managable
>if we can abstract concepts as background, scope, contex, and reasoning power.


  Perhaps I should have made myself clearer about time frames.  I believe that
individual modules which can maintain multiple conflicting ontologies are
ultimately necessary.  However, I think I'll retired in my rocking chair before
we have them working.  In views on the near term, in fact, I think I'm actually
more conservative than you: I view the kind of layering you describe as
something to work up to rather than something we're clearly ready for.

-- Bob