MIMBD 95: New date for submissions

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Subject: MIMBD 95: New date for submissions
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****************   New Deadline for MIMBD Submissions ******************

                          MIMBD '95

             Second Meeting on the Interconnection of 
                     Molecular Biology Databases

                        July 20-22, 1995

                    Cambridge, United Kingdom

The second Meeting on the Interconnection of Molecular Biology Databases
(MIMBD'95) will take place July 20-22, 1995, at Cambridge, UK, in
conjunction with (and right after) ISMB-95. 

*** The deadlines for submitting abstracts and revised (final) versions
*** of accepted abstracts have been changed in order to allow more 
*** time for preparing them. Please note that the deadline for 
*** submissions is firm, that is submissions received after March 24 
*** will not be considered by the program committee.

Important Dates

** New deadline for abstract submissions (firm!):   March 24, 1995

   Notification of acceptance (unchanged):          April 10, 1995

** New date for revised abstracts :                 June 30, 1995

   Meeting:                                         July 20-22, 1995

MIMBD'95 will bring together researchers, developers, and users to 
explore new concepts, tools, and techniques for interconnecting 
molecular biology databases and knowledge bases.  The meeting will 
provide a forum for the dissemination of research results as well as 
contributions related to practical system design, implementation, and 

MIMBD General Chair 
     	Peter D. Karp, SRI International

Local Coordinator 
    	Tom Flores, European Bioinformatics Institute

Program Committee Coordinator
	Victor M. Markowitz, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

World Wide Web URLs
	for MIMBD:    http://www.ai.sri.com/people/pkarp/mimbd.html
	for ISMB-95:  ftp://ftp.icnet.uk/icrf-public/ismb/ismb95.html


We invite submissions of abstracts reporting results on the following 
(but not limited to) major topics of interest:

  o Practical aspects of interconnecting heterogenous databases

  o Federated and integrated molecular biology database systems

  o Data exchange formats and tools

  o Querying heterogenous databases 

  o Intelligent software agents for locating information in the biomatrix

  o Standards facilitating the interconnection of heterogenous databases

  o Current computer science advances on interconnecting heterogeneous 
    databases and knowledge bases

  o Schema integration 

Participation in the meeting will be by invitation, based on abstracts
submitted by prospective participants.  Abstracts should be 2-3 pages in
length and should describe research or development results, or present 
novel approaches. We strongly encourage authors to explain the novelty
and/or contribution of their work, briefly discuss assumptions and/or 
limitations, and refer to related work. 
Please submit abstracts no later than March 24 electronically to: 

Abstracts must follow the template at the end of this message.

Program Committee 

    Susan Davidson, University of Pennsylvania

    Dan Davison, University of Houston

    Richard Durbin, Sanger Center
    Tim Finin, University of Maryland

    Tom Flores, European Bioinformatics Institute
    David George, National Biomedical Research Foundation

    Nat Goodman, Whitehead Institute
    Peter Karp, SRI International
    Chris Overton, University of Pennsylvania
    Robert Robbins, Johns Hopkins University
    Xiaolei Qian, SRI International
    Chris Fields, National Center for Genome Resources
    Victor Markowitz, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
    Otto Ritter, German Cancer Research Institute, Heidelberg
    Randall Smith, Baylor College of Medicine

                         Submission Form

Please edit the form below to include the requested information, and
send the completed form by electronic mail to: victor@csr.lbl.gov

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Surface mail address: 

Email address: 

Fax telephone number: 

Voice telephone number: 

What type of presentation would you like to make?

What is your position?  

Include a 2-4 page abstract in the space below as simple ASCII text
with no embedded formatting commands (authors will later resubmit
accepted abstracts for inclusion in a simple workshop proceedings).