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Here is a nice challenge for the knowledge-sharing community...

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You might be interested in the draft document from the USGS described below.
This announcement appeared in the Commerce Business Daily.



Federal  Geographic Data Committee (FGDC); Public Review of Draft Cadastral
  Data Standards
                             Vol. 59, No. 250
                               59 FR 67715
                          Friday, December 30, 1994

DOC TYPE: Notices
DATES: Comments must be received on or before May 31, 1995.
  Secretariat,  U.S.  Geological Survey, 590 National Center, 12201 Sunrise
  Valley  Drive,  Reston,  Virginia 22092; telephone number (703) 648-5514;
  facsimile number (703) 648-5755; or Internet "gdc@usgs.gov".
ADDRESSES:  Written  comments  concerning  the proposed standards should be
  sent  by  mail  to  Cadastral  Standards  Review,  FGDC Secretariat, U.S.
  Geological  Survey,  590  National  Center,  12201  Sunrise Valley Drive,
  Reston,  Virginia  22092.  The  draft standards may be requested from the
  same  mailing address, or from Internet address gdc@usgs.gov or facsimile
  number  (703)  648-5755.  Internet  users  should  identify  their  name,
  affiliation,  and  postal  and  Internet addresses at the bottom of their
ACTION: Notice; Request for comments.
SUMMARY:  The FGDC is sponsoring a public review of draft cadastral spatial
  data  content  and  collection standards, and metadata profile. Cadastral
  data  are  defined  as  the  geographic  extent of the past, current, and
  future rights and interests in real property and the framework to support
  the  description  of that geographic extents. Also included are standards
  for  cadastral frameworks such as the Public Land Survey System. Metadata
  are data about the content, quality, and condition of data.

    The  standards  will  aid  the  collection  of  cadastral  data and the
  automation  of land records. The standards define the data and processes.
  Specific  implementation  details  for  particular  technologies  are not

    Success  of  the  standards  will  depend on consideration given to the
  needs and views of State and local governments, industry, and the public.
  The purpose of this notice is to solicit such views. The FGDC invites the
  community to review, test, and evaluate the draft standards. Comments are
  encouraged   about  the  content,  completeness,  and  usability  of  the

    The  FGDC  anticipates  that  the  final  draft  will be considered for
  adoption  as  a Federal Geographic Data Committee standard. The standards
  may  be  forwarded  to  other  standards  organizations  for  adoption if
  interest warrants such actions.

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