Re: The semantics of new-edi

Fritz Lehmann <>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 01:35:33 -0800
From: Fritz Lehmann <>
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Subject: Re: The semantics of new-edi
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Dale R Worley  <worley@WORLD.STD.COM> wrote:
>OK, a "conceptual graph" can eliminate a number of these problems.
>But is the technology of conceptual graphs well enough developed that
>it can deliver in practice?

     I believe so.  The conceptual graphs research community
has done (mostly very good) work for ten years.  This includes
a lot of natural-language (particularly lexical) work.  The
interchange language will soon be standardized.  Other research
communities inside and outside of AI will be able to share
ontological sub-systems with conceptual-graphs-based systems.

>It's tough to make an application program work in the face of
>incomplete or variable data, but it's even harder to build it so it
>can actually understand what the variants of the data "mean".

     Agreed.  The ontology-based approach involves a lot of hard
work, and fairly sophisticated work at that.  This work is being
done now in universities and in (mostly proprietary and 
unnecessarily secret) corporate projects.  I do not know who
will do this work for EDI concepts.

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