ANSI X3H4 meetings
Message-id: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 91 15:38:55 EDT
Subject: ANSI X3H4 meetings

Yes, I will keep you informed of any developments.  And the exercise of
mapping to the K.I.F. should be useful.  As a guideline for people who
are designing a new feature or extension to conceptual graphs, I always
tell them to test it on two basic criteria:

 1. Can you translate the resulting graph to an English sentence?

 2. Can you map the graph into predicate calculus with sets?

Since K.I.F. is essentially a version of predicate calculus with sets,
it should be possible to map to it fairly easily.  But as I commented in
a couple of earlier notes, the mapping to a sorted logic with extended
quantifiers would be more direct.

In any case, please send me copies of your latest K.I.F. documents.
I have the material that was distributed for the Pajaro Dunes meeting in
March, but if there is anything more recent, I would like to get a copy.

I'll also pass along your note to Sandra Perez, or you can copy her on
your notes (