Shared, Reusable KB's Maili

"Sanjay Verma" <>
Message-id: <>
Date: 1 Nov 1994 18:49:06 U
From: "Sanjay Verma" <>
Subject: Shared, Reusable KB's Maili
To: "Mr. Tom Gruber" <>
X-Mailer: Mail*Link SMTP-QM 3.0.1
Precedence: bulk
Hi Mr. Gruber,

I was reading an article by Robert Neches on Knowledge Sharing Effort.
It mentioned that you are the person to be contacted in the event I wanted
to be on the mailing list.  I would like to request you to add my name to
your mailing list.  I work for ORINCON Corporation in San Diego.  My 
phone number is (619)455-5530 ext 208 and my e-mail address is 

                                                                Thank You

                                                               Sanjay Verma