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Subject: Re: CCAT: TIME: Fantasyland?/Various issues
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Pat Hayes writes:
> Hres a further question. What kind of relations between these concepts are
> important? For example, the 12th of every month follows, in a sense, the
> 11th of every month. Is this significant? Or do you just want to be able to
> keep track of particular dates and times?

My immediate reaction is to say "sure: I'd like to know whether next month's
meeting of the veeblefetzer club will be before or after Thanksgiving".
What bothers me a bit is that, for most of the "abilities" like this you
might come up with, I can probably give a reasonable use for them.  Where do
we stop?  In the context of a particular application, or even domain of
applications, it's usually possible to come up with a reasonable stopping
point, but when your domain is the brain and its contents...


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