CFP: Modelling Languages for KBS
Subject: CFP: Modelling Languages for KBS
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Date: Fri, 14 Oct 1994 14:28:30 +0100 (MET)
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	January 30-31, 1995
	Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The aim of this workshop is to attract researchers from all areas associated
with modelling languages for KBS, both informal, formal and operational.
We are particularly interested in establishing relationships with researchers
from other specification languages in other areas of software engineering.

This workshop is the fifth in the series of workshops previously called
"KADS-Languages Workshops". Papers from previous workshops are available at This workshop extends the scope of
these previous workshops (and the "Formal Specification Workshops" held at
ECAI'92 and ECAI'94) by including languages not strictly aimed at KADS, and
by not solely focussing on formal specification languages (without excluding
either of these two topics).

Topics include:
  - modelling languages
  - integration of informal and formal techniques
  - tools (e.g. for acquisition and verification)
  - methodology
  - link to modelling languages for information systems
  - semantics (static and dynamic)
  - verification and validation

Since the purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers for exchange
and discussion, we invite researchers in this area to submit on any of the
above or related topics. Such papers may have been previously published, or may
be limited to a short statement of interest. 

Speakers at the workshop will be chosen on the basis of these submissions,
but attendance to the workshop is open to all interested parties. Other
speakers from specific areas (modelling languages for information systems,
verification and validation) will be invited by the organisers.


Contributions are invited that describe (not necessarily new) work in the form
of a full paper, an extended abstract, or a statement of interest. In any case
the title page must state name, affiliation, and e-mail address of the
contributor. Position papers will be judged on their contribution to the
discussion, and some will be selected for presentation. Also presentations on
new topics will be invited. Electronic submissions (in Postscript or ASCII)
are encouraged.


Papers, abstracts, or statements of interest must be received by Mark Willems
no later than December 5, 1994 at the following address. Invitation letters
will be posted by e-mail no later than December 15, 1994. 

	      	Mark Willems
	      	Dept. Math. & Comp.Sc. 
		Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
		De Boelelaan 1081
		1081 HV Amsterdam
		The Netherlands

	Mark Willems,
	Dieter Fensel,
	Frank van Harmelen,