knowledge representation standards (David McAllester)
From: (David McAllester)
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 91 14:23:28 EDT
Message-id: <9107231823.AA00802@toast>
Subject: knowledge representation standards

I saw a recent message from John Sowa describing the work being done
by the task group X3H4.6 on schema integration.  I don't know if
you are actively surveying knowledge representation languages, but
I have recently completed a manual on Ontic91.  This is a
knowledge-representation/programing language.  It is extremely
expressive (much more expressive than first order logic) but
does not handle defaults or nonmonotonicity.  It is designed for
representing and verifying mathematical theorems, but can
be used for any kind of technical knowledge.  If you are interested
and send me your physical address and I will mail you the manual.

	David McAllester