Re: Some thoughts on K.I.F. requirements

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Date: Thu, 9 May 91 14:08:22 PDT
From: "Michael R. Genesereth <"Michael R. Genesereth <mrg@cs.Stanford.EDU>">"
Subject: Re: Some thoughts on K.I.F. requirements
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The presumption that has been made thus far is that the language of
communication has two levels.  KIF is the language used to express
information about the world and has a purly declarative semantics.
KQML is a language of ''speech acts'' in which KIF sentences are the
content.  For example, in KIF we can say (= (father joe) bill) and
for two machines to communicate, this would get wrapped in an 
utternace something like (assert '(= (father joe) bill)).  KQML is
not yet fully worked out; but I can elaborate if you are interested.
Alternatively, check with Tim Finin or Gio Wiederhold, the authors of
the current KQML document.