CCAT and ADEPT's ontologies

Mark Johnson <>
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 15:11:10 +0100 (BST)
From: Mark Johnson <>
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Subject: CCAT and ADEPT's ontologies
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Hi Folks, 

Here is a replay of some bits of email in case any of you are interested in
ADEPT and our ontology problems.

>> At the Peirce Project Workshop at ICCS-94 I gave the
>> presentation for the "CCAT" (Conceptual Catalogue) group
>> If you are interested in creating or using "ontologies",
>> this group is the relevant part of the Peirce Project.  Anyone who
>> has created a widely valid or useful type-lattice, graph-base or
>> canonical basis may want to contribute something to CCAT.  Please
>> let me know if you are interested ...
>> Yours truly,   Fritz Lehmann
>> GRANDAI Software, 4282 Sandburg Way, Irvine, CA 92715, U.S.A.
>> Tel:(714)-733-0566  Fax:(714)-733-0506
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>I am Mark Johnson, a research assistant at QMW Electronic Engineering 
>Department working on the ADEPT project, see
>My responsibility is to address the ontological inssues in the project, 
>and I am hence very interested in CCAT.  Please put me on the list.  When 
>ADEPT is more advanced, I should be in a position to write a specific 
>description of our needs.  Our industrial partners are BT and ICI, so we 
>have two domains - telecomunications systems design, and pressure relief 
>and blowdown system design. However, I'm not sure how BT, ICI, or QMW 
>will feel about sharing our ontologies.  We may want to sell them - but 
>it's too early for a policy to exist (except that nothing goes outside 
>the project yet!) 

Thanks for your prompt reply Fritz


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