CCAT Conceptual Catalogue and Ontologies (Fritz Lehmann)
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 94 06:19:44 CDT
From: (Fritz Lehmann)
Message-id: <>
Subject: CCAT Conceptual Catalogue and Ontologies
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     At the Peirce Project Workshop at ICCS-94 I gave the
presentation for the "CCAT" (Conceptual Catalogue) group,
although I am not the official CCAT coordinator.  I said: either
try to create a good ontological/conceptual repository, starting
now, or else drop CCAT from the Peirce Project.  Several people,
including Peirce Project Leader Gerard Ellis, said they
definitely wanted CCAT in the Peirce Project, and they expressed
interest and vague agreement with my general proposals for CCAT.
These proposals are in the Peirce Workshop Proceedings ---
available in LaTeX format by ftp from:

       If you are interested in creating or using "ontologies",
this group is the relevant part of the Peirce Project.  Anyone who
has created a widely valid or useful type-lattice, graph-base or
canonical basis may want to contribute something to CCAT.  Please
let me know if you are interested, or if the list below contains
errors or omissions.  The following people have indicated interest
in the Conceptual Catalogues group (CCAT) in the Peirce Project.

           C C A T    interest group so far:

Jaques Bouaud, DIAM,
? Key-Sun Choi, [where? ?]
? Gary Berg-Cross, [where? ?]
Bill Brayman, Boeing Corp.,
? Brandon Buteau, PRC,
Patrick Cassidy, MICRA,
Walling Cyre, Va. Tech,
Richard Fletcher, Xerox,
Olivier Gerbe, DMR Montreal,
Stephen M. Griffin, Univ. of Surrey, UK,
Rob Kremer, Univ. of Calgary,
Sung Myaeng [where ?]
Nancy Lawler, DoD, [EMAIL?]
Fritz Lehmann, GRANDAI Software,
Dickson Lukose, Univ. of New England, Australia [EMAIL?]
Jonathan C. Oh, Univ. of Mo.-K.C.[EMAIL is ?]
Jim Pipher, USAISSC, DoD,
Gary Rau, De Paul Univ.,
Bill Rich, IBM,
? Doug Skuce, Univ. of Ottawa, doug@csi.UOttawa.CA
? Bill Tepfenhart, ATT,
John Thompson, Boeing,
Yin-Min Wei, Univ. of Ohio,
Mark Willems, Vrije Univ., Neth.,

  I need EMAIL address for


     Those of you on the list:  Please send me email with a few
paragraphs listing A. Kinds of ontologies/concept-systems you
might like to use ("off the shelf"), and B. Generally useful
ontologies/concept-systems you might like to create (or have
already created).

                          Yours truly,   Fritz Lehmann
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