standardization of semantics

"Matthew L. Ginsberg" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 94 15:51:36 PDT
From: "Matthew L. Ginsberg" <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: standardization of semantics
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Hi John:

I just saw a posting about this that included the remark

  The US is looking to Sowa, Genesereth and Fulton to prepare a unified
  position on CLF based on Conceptual Graphs (CGs), Knowledge
  Interchange Format (KIF) and the STEP Semantic Unification Meta-Model

I'm not sure who in the US is "looking to" these guys; my opinion
remains that the Sowa/Genesereth/Fulton gang is leading the effort by
self-proclamation and not by virtue of technical merit.  Sowa
champions CGs, Genesereth KIF and Fulton presumably SUMM.  I know of
*no* fielded AI application that uses any of these methods, although
it is obviously possible some small efforts have escaped my attention.
I know of no significant efforts *at all* that use KIF, with the
exception of a couple of single-scientist research acgtivities.  Why
is there this rush to standardize on things that aren't even in actual

In any event, I can probably make it to the September meeting in
Seattle.  Would you like me to attend?

						Matt Ginsberg