Re: Other mailing lists? (Fritz Lehmann)
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 94 00:37:26 CDT
From: (Fritz Lehmann)
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Subject: Re:  Other mailing lists?
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     Graham Wideman wrote:
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  Over the last few weeks, on the cg list we've been getting some tantalizing
cross-post glipses of activity on other lists.... but unfortunately we don't
see the whole discussion.

  Would someone be kind enough to update us on other lists related to cg,
with a brief note about the actual kinds of topics under discussion there?
And also details on how to properly and politely subscribe.
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     I'm one of the guilty parties.  I've crossposetesd (ignore typos)
to the CG list various messages which seem to relate to Conceptual
Graphs.  These are on other email lists as well as on certain
Usenet newsgroups.  Fot the latter, there will be a NEWSGROUPS:
entry in the message header which shows which newsgroup it was
sent to.  If you have Usenet News, just subscribe to the newsgroup
to look at the relevant thread.  The relevant newsgroups for
CGs are (at least) and sci.logic.

     The relevant email lists include (knowlege
sharing and ontologies), (relating to definition
of KIF and CG-KIF), (CYC-like concept systems
for text adventures), (constructed languages), (Charles S. Peirce).

     One list which I wish were more active than it is is 
the srkb list.  Recently I joined
(new directions for Electronic Data Interchange) which is
more of an application areraXXXX area.  I would like to
join a list which discusses the underlying theory of PDES/
STEP, if such a list exists.

     Most of these lists can be joined by sending a request
to  <LIST>-request at the same address; I can't remember all
the automatic joining methods.

     I would like it if others who read this, and share this
sort of interest, would tell us of other, relevant lists
with instructions on joining.  also comments on the general
tenor and volume of the list (some of us are drowning in 
email).  I think sharing lists addresses is a valuable
thing to do.  In fact, I will copy this message to the
relevant lists.

     (Since I'm doing so, I should point out that is the email list for Conceptual Graphs,
a semantic network representation of knowledge.  To
join, contact

                          Yours truly,   Fritz Lehmann
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