Topology for Philosophers

BARRY SMITH <> (by way of Tom Gruber <>)
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From: BARRY SMITH <> (by way of Tom Gruber <>)
Subject: Topology for Philosophers
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The Monist
An International Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry

Edited by Barry Smith


January 1996: Topology for Philosophers
Deadline for Submissions: January 1995
Advisory Editor: Wojciech Zelaniec (Buffalo)

Topology has long been employed as a technical instrument of philosophy in work
on the semantics of intuitionistic, modal and temporal logics. The present
issue of
The Monist will be devoted to applications of topological methods in other
of philosophy, for example in the clarification of ontological notions such as
resemblance, dependence (including causal dependence), boundary, relevance,
conditionals, and so on. Particularly welcome are contributions which serve to
introduce philosophers to the techniques of topology.

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