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Timothy Finin <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 20:12:14 -0400
From: Timothy Finin <>
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Subject: Metadata Workshop
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This sounds very relevant to the knowledge sharing effort and to SRKB
in particular.  Tim

*********************** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION **********************

Workshop on Metadata for Scientific and Technical Data Management

 IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Mass Storage Systems
                       Specialist Workshop

        Chair: Francis Bretherton, Vice-Chair: Otis Graf

                        May 16-18, 1994

                 National Archives, Archives II
                        Washington, D.C.

Increasingly large amounts of scientific and technical data are
being created and saved in digital data storage systems.  There
is a need to expedite the access and use of this data, and to
promote interdisciplinary sharing of the data.  A variety of
different data types and formats need to be addressed, such as:
images, audio, video, tables, arrays, graphics, algorithms and
procedures, and documents.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together individuals
with a common interest in managing and using large stores of
scientific and technical data.  The focus will be on defining a
framework for metadata (data describing the stored data).  It is
a particular goal of the specialist workshop series to produce a
metadata reference model for scientific and technical data

It is expected that the workshop will be of interest to the
following groups:
  o Users and managers of scientific & technical databases
    - Astrophysics and astronomy
    - Biochemistry
    - Biological
    - Earth Science
    - Environmental
    - Geographical Information Systems
    - Geophysics and Exploration
    - High Energy Physics
    - Intelligence and surveillance
    - Process Control Systems
    - Visualization
  o Computer scientists
  o Hardware and software vendors
  o Data system integrators


   IEEE Mass Storage Systems & Technology Technical Committee
   Bob Coyne,, (713) 282-7274


   (1) Create an intellectual framework and guide for metadata.
   This can be called a "Metadata Reference Model" for
   scientific and technical data management.

   (2) Begin a development effort for the Reference Model.
   Identify the need for such a model and necessary participants
   in its development.  Begin to define some of the elements of
   the Reference Model.

   (3) Identify data providers and data consumers.  Determine
   how they should influence the Reference Model.

   (4) Determine the technology required to implement an
   application of the Reference Model.

   (5) Identify work in progress and describe how that work
   relates the draft Reference Model.


   The workshop will begin with a series of keynote speakers to
   set the direction for the following days work.  Then the
   workshop chair and organizing committee will present the
   scope and objectives, as well as draft versions of the
   reference model and definitions of terms.  The heart of the
   workshop will be four work groups meeting separately.  Prior
   to breaking into separate groups, the chair will give
   specific topics and directions to each group.  The workshop
   will conclude with a panel discussion session and a summary


   Workshop participation will be limited to 50 persons.  It is
   expected that all participants are active researchers or
   developers, and have an interest in the management of large
   stores of scientific or technical data.  Participants should
   submit position papers through electronic mail (preferred),
   regular mail or FAX by no later than April 20, 1994.

   Position papers can be a review, original research
   contributions, extensions of previous work, or application
   briefs.  The position papers will be made available to all
   workshop attendees.

   Participants should also read the three reference papers
   listed below.  Copies of the first two items can be
   downloaded from the anonymous FTP server in the directory pub/IEEE_Metadata.
   The third item can be requested in printed form from the
   Workshop Coordinator.

   Participants will be selected by the workshop organizers
   based on the position papers.  Please e-mail or send position
   papers to the workshop coordinator (Otis Graf) at the address

   The registration fee for the 2 1/2 day workshop is $300.00,
   which includes breaks and continental breakfasts.  Checks or
   money orders should be made payable to Jorge Scientific
   Corporation.  Registration fees will be collected at the

   Francis Bretherton
   Univ. of Wisconsin, Space Science and Engineering Center

   Otis Graf
   IBM U.S. - Federal
   3700 Bay Area Blvd.
   Houston, Texas 77058
   FAX:   (713) 282-7439
   Phone: (713) 282-8216

   Francis Bretherton, Univ. of Wisconsin SSEC
   Charles Dollar, National Archives
   Dave Fulker, Unidata Program Center
   Otis Graf, IBM U.S. - Federal
   Paul Kanciruk, Oak Ridge National Lab
   Ben Kobler, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
   Dave Sebring, IBM U.S. - Federal
   Paul Singley, Oak Ridge National Lab
   Steve Worley, National Center for Atmospheric Research

   Jim Almond, Univ. of Texas CHPC
   John Davis, DOD Ft. George Meade     (IEEE MSS&TC EC)
   Tom Karl, NOAA NCDC
   Bernard T. O'Lear, NCAR              (IEEE MSS&TC EC)
   Ron Pfaff, LANL
   Tom Pyke, NOAA HPCC
   Dick Watson, LLNL                    (IEEE MSS&TC EC)
   Greg Withee, NOAA ESDIM


  Monday, May 16, 1994
      8:00    Registration
      8:00    Continental Breakfast
      8:45    Welcome and Introductions
      9:00    Keynote Speaker #1: Greg Withee, NOAA
      9:30    Keynote Speaker #2
     10:00    Break
     10:30    Discussion of Workshop and Objectives
     11:00    Metadata Definition and System Assumptions
     12:00    Lunch
      1:00    Discussion on Reaction to Draft Metadata Reference Model
      2:00    Specific Guidance to Work Groups
      3:00    Breakout into four Work Groups
      5:30    Adjourn for the day

  Tuesday, May 17, 1994
      8:30    Continental Breakfast
      9:00    Breakout into four Work Groups
     10:30    Break
     10:50    Breakout into four Work Groups
     12:00    Lunch
      1:00    Breakout into four Work Groups
      3:00    Break
      3:20    Breakout into four Work Groups
      5:30    Adjourn for the day

  Wednesday, May 18, 1994
      8:30   Continental Breakfast
      9:00   Reports from the four Work Groups
     10:00   Break
     10:30   Panel session with audience discussion
     12:00   Workshop summary, recommendations and forward plans
      1:00   Adjourn the workshop


 (1) F. Bretherton, Draft of the Metadata Reference Model

 (2) B. Gritton, "Metadata Definitions"

 (3) C. Hsu, M. Bouziane and L. Yee, "Information Resources
   Management in Heterogeneous, Distributed Environments:  A
   Metadatabase Approach", IEEE Transactions on Software
   Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 6, June 1991.