CFP: conference on software reuse

Tom Gruber <Gruber@HPP.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 1994 16:51:32 -0800
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Subject: CFP: conference on software reuse
This conference on software reuse may be relevant to work on reusable
knowledge bases.  Thanks to Thomas Hemmann of the GMD for this

			Call for Papers

 	Third International Conference on Software Reusability

 			Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
			November 1-4, 1994

        General Chair: Bill Frakes, Virginia Tech, US
        Program: Don Batory, U. Texas at Austin, US
	Europe: Wilhem Schaefer, U. Dortmund, Germany  
        Asia: Masao Matsumoto, NEC, Japan
	Local: Julio Leite, Catholic University, Brazil
        Finance: John Favaro, Intecs Sistemi, Italy
	Tutorials: Murali Sitariman, West Virginia U., US
	Registration: Ernesto Guerrieri, DEC, US
	Publicity: Gloria Hasslacher, SE Guild, US

	T. Ajisaka (Japan)
     	G. Arango (US)
    	S. Arthur (US)
   	S. Bailin (US)
   	I. Baxter (US)
   	T. Biggerstaff (US)
    	G. Booch (US)
    	C. Braun (US)
   	R. Conradi (Norway)
   	P. Devanbu (US)
 	E. Doberkat (Germany)
  	D. Eichmann (US)
   	H. Gomaa (US)
    	M. Griss (US)
    	E. Guerrieri (US)
    	K. Harada (Japan)
    	S. Isoda (Japan)
    	K. Itoh (Japan)
   	J. Knight (US)
	S. Komiya (Japan)
   	J. Kramer (UK)
   	C. Kruger (US)
   	C. Lillie (US) 
  	M. Lubars (US)
   	C. Lucena (Brazil)
  	Y. Maarek (Israel)
   	K. Matsumura (Japan)
  	R. Mittermeir (Austria)
  	D. Mularz (US)
   	O  Nierstrasz (Switzerland)
	Y. Nishiyama (Japan)
  	S. O'Malley, (US)
  	F. Paulisch (Germany)
  	J. Poulin (US)
  	R. Prieto-Diaz (US)
  	M. Sitaraman (US)
    	J. Solderitsch (US)
 	R. Thompson (US)
  	W. Tracz (US)
  	P. Wallis (UK)
 	F. Wang (Taiwan)

With the third meeting, the International Workshop series on Software 
Reusability becomes a conference. As with the first two meetings, in 1991 in 
Dortmund, Germany and in 1993 in Lucca Italy, the conference is meant to 
bring together known researchers in software reusability from the 
international community, and to provide an archival source for important 
reuse papers.  The conference is also meant to provide a source of information 
and education on software reuse to practitioners, and to be an ongoing 
platform for technology transfer.

Software reusability, the use of knowledge or artifacts from existing systems 
to build new ones, is a key software engineering technology important both to 
engineers and managers.  Reuse research has been very active recently.  
Many organizations have reported reuse successes, yet there is still no 
comprehensive set of methods for achieving systematic reuse.  There is a need 
for reuse solutions that can be applied across domain and organization 

Conference proceedings will be published by IEEE press. The conference will 
consist of  technical presentations, parallel working groups, plenary
sessions, demonstrations, and tutorials. 


The conference will address, but is not restricted to, the following principal 

   % Measurement of and experimentation with software reuse
   % Reusable architecture
   % Domain analysis methods and techniques: domain modeling;conceptual 
	modeling; knowledge acquisition
   % Re-engineering for reuse
   % Design of reusable software items including requirements, designs, 
	code, test cases and plans, logical structures, processes, etc.
   % Generative approaches to reuse: executable specifications, code 
	generation, transformational approaches
   % Software system generators and other generative approaches to reuse: 
	integration of reusable components; version control; methods and 
	techniques to modify, verify, test, and adapt reusable components
   % Theoretical aspects of reuse: formal approaches to the reuse process, 
	formal models of components, verification and validation of 
	components and their composition
   % Languages, methods, tools and environments: methods and tools that 
	support reuse, integrated reuse environments, methods and tools for 
	reusing artifacts and processes across the life cycle
    % Reuse education; industrial, commercial, academic
    % Organizational and management techniques for implementing reuse: 
	incentives, economic and financial techniques, asset acquisition,  
	measurement and experimentation, reliability models, human factors
   % Reuse library methods: classification and cataloging, component 
	matching, library operation and performance, library usage, empirical 
	data on costs and benefits, evaluation methods for libraries

Working groups will be formed based on these themes.


We are seeking full papers for this conference.  Paper submissions should be 
original and not under consideration for  publication elsewhere.  Submissions 
must not be longer than 5000 words.   Authors must clearly explain the 
contribution of the work in terms of its theoretical and practical value, and 
how it is related to and builds on previous work.  Special attention should be 
given to providing empirical evidence for the work.

Paper submissions (5 copies) should be sent by February 1, 1994 to: 

        	Prof. Don Batory
	Department of Computer Sciences
	University of Texas at Austin
	2.124 Taylor Hall
	Austin, Texas 78712
	phone: (512) 471-9713
	fax:   (512) 471-8885

 Tutorial proposals (5 copies) should be sent by February 1, 1994 to: 

	Prof. Murali Sitaraman
	Statistics and Computer Science
	310 Knapp Hall
	West Virginia University
	PO Box 6330
	Morgantown, WV 26506-6330
	phone: (304)-293-3607
	fax: (304)-293-2272


 	Submission deadline: February 1, 1994
 	Notification of acceptance mailed: June 1, 1994
 	Camera-ready copy due: July 14, 1994