[Scheduling&planning] a report with sample ontologies

"Masahiro HORI" <HORI@trl.vnet.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1993 02:30:06 -0700
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Subject: [Scheduling&planning] a report with sample ontologies
A report on ontologies for scheduling problems is now available.
We are pursuing a way of configuring problem-solving methods for
a class of scheduling problems in our CAKE project. The report
focuses on ontologies for describing problem specification, and
the underlying principle for the ontology design.

If you interested in the article, please contact the first author,
Toshiyuki Hama (hama@vnet.ibm.com). The document is _not_ on the
knowledge sharing archive (hpp.stanford.edu). Sorry for inconvenience.

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               Task-Specific Language Constructs for
         Describing Constraints in Job Assignment Problems

                           Toshiyuki Hama
                            Masahiro Hori
                           Yuichi Nakamura

              IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory

    This document describes task-specific language constructs
    in which constraints in job assignment problems are described.
    First we define general assignment problems and analyze patterns
    of constraint descriptions in them. Based on the results of the
    analysis we define several language constructs and second-order
    functions. We then further elaborate the constructs and functions
    specific to job assignment problems. Examples of constraint
    descriptions and ontologies in Ontolingua are given in the