the S word strikes again

Tom Gruber <>
Full-Name: Tom Gruber
Message-id: <2878596631-1509949@KSL-Mac-69>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 91  18:10:31 PST
From: Tom Gruber <>
To: Pat Hayes <>
Cc: Shared KB working group <>
Subject: the S word strikes again
In-reply-to: Msg of Thu, 21 Mar 91 15:37 PST from
I don't want to forshadow the workshop, but in Pat Hayes' recent
message there is a common and understandable misunderstanding about
the purpose of the SRKB working group.

The purpose is NOT to develop ONE ontology or KB about anything, or to
bless any particular ontology as a Standard.  In general, the charter
is to identify the research issues with respect to sharing formally
represented knowledge that our community thinks are important and
worth pursuing, and to facilitate community experiments investigating
these issues.  There is work to be done in basic representation,
mechanisms for sharing knowledge and building sharable knowledge bases
(including languages, tools, and methodologies), and in generating
example artifacts such as ontologies and packaged domain theories with
which to do experiments.