Re: Contexts and quantifiers in KIF

Charles Petrie <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1993 08:10:01 -0700
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From: Charles Petrie <>
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Subject: Re: Contexts and quantifiers in KIF
 As I've said privately, this is a very interesting discussion, but
the original thread may have been lost in the deepening discussion
of theories of counterfactuals.

You objected to Jim's use of the words "alternative worlds" because
they confuse models with the *real world*.  At the risk of
oversimplifying all of the arguments, I offer the suggestion that when
Jim uses "world", he is making a useful distinction among types of
models. In particular, some models map onto an important part of the
real world, if we can agree there is only one.

We can all agree that such a mapping is not an identity relation
without further specifying the kind of mapping.  Distinguishing some
models as "worlds" is useful, as evidenced by widespread use. As long
as we understand the conceptual distinction between such distinguished
models and the real world they map onto, then the only confusion is
accidental and can be cleared up in discussion. For me, the usage
is clear from the context once I am reminded of the conceptual distinction.