Re: Contexts and quantifiers in KIF

Jim Fulton <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 16:21:55 -0700
From: Jim Fulton <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: Contexts and quantifiers in KIF
Cc:, interlingua@ISI.EDU, srkb@ISI.EDU

I think our disagreement here is fundamental.  What is expressed by contrary-
to-fact but true modal statements (e.g., Bush could have been re-elected but 
wasn't) is not a data structure.  The statement is a data structure.  The 
truth represented by that data structure is a real fact about the world.  
We have criteria for exploring contrary-to-fact hypotheticals (for playing 
what-if games), for distinguishing truth from falsity, consistency from 
inconsistency, likely from unlikely.  Those criteria are based not on the 
syntax of a data structure but on what we learn from the real world and 
extrapolate beyond it.