Questions about OO models in logic

sowa <>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 93 21:48:42 EST
From: sowa <>
Message-id: <>
To:, interlingua@ISI.EDU, kr-advisory@ISI.EDU, srkb@ISI.EDU
Subject: Questions about OO models in logic
As a result of the joint meeting between ANSI X3H4 and X3H7, some
questions came up about the use of logic, in particular, conceptual
graphs and KIF, for defining object models for OO systems.

Following is a note that I sent to Elizabeth Fong with brief answers
to some of the questions.  Mike Genesereth and I are planning to
attend the next meeting of X3H7 (the ANSI Committee on Object
Information Management) on July 20th in Chicago.  We will be
discussing these and related questions concerning how CGs and KIF
could be used in the OO standards efforts.

John Sowa