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Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1992 09:28:01 -0800
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         The Redux' Server

Redux' is a subset of the full REDUX model The latter performs problem
solving. In contrast Redux' does not and acts only as a decision
maintenance server.  It takes objects of types defined in an ontology
of decision components and maintains dependencies between them.
Redux' is domain-independent. The dependency relationships are
maintained on the basis of proposition type and not content, except
for some string matching.  Redux' servers are proposed as a mechanism
for federating heterogeneous design agents by encapsulating their
design decisions within a simple model and providing coordination
services, especially for design revision. This proposal is described
within the context of the SHADE and PACT projects.

This paper is available in PostScript via anonymous ftp at

There is also a compressed version,, that should be
retrieved in binary mode.

As usual, this PostScript probably will not work with Macs, but
it does lpr fine with Sparc and Imagen printers.