Welcome to the new SRKB listserver

Peter Aberg <aberg@ISI.EDU>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1992 14:19:44 -0700
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From: Peter Aberg <aberg@ISI.EDU>
To: Multiple recipients of list <srkb-list@ISI.EDU>
Subject: Welcome to the new SRKB listserver
The SRKB mailing list at ISI has now been moved over to an
automatic listserver. This new facility works as follows:

To send a message to the entire mailing list, address it to
'srkb-list@isi.edu'. You can write anything you want in the message and
in the subject field.

To send other requests to the listserver, address it to 'isd-serv@isi.edu'.
The subject fields of such requests can be empty. What counts is what's
in the message body. To find out what kind of requests you can send to
the listserver send a message with a body containing nothing but the
word HELP. The listserver will return a message containing a brief
description of all commands available to you. Please remember to send
listserver requests to the address isd-serv@isi.edu, not to the mailing

If something is unclear, please send me a message at 'aberg@isi.edu'.
I'll be the temporary list manager for a while, until we get the
system fully working.