Re: Sharing ontologies and softwre

Charles Petrie <>
Date:     Thu, 27 Aug 92 20:23:10 MET DST
From: Charles Petrie <>
Cc: srkb@ISI.EDU,
Subject:  Re:  Sharing ontologies and softwre
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 We seem to be awfully in synch for two people who've not previously
talked much (really folks).  I do hope we are not both making obvious
points to everyone. My two comments on your comments are:
 1) While I agree with what you said about passive comments (except
for these), the connection to my remark about EI models being written
for no purpose is not glaring.  I take what you said to imply that EI
models without inferencing are equivalent to merely English
descriptions. They look like programs because they were done with a
modeling language, but the authors might as well have just written
down English comments. In any case, it's true.
 2) Your remarks don't hold out much hope for software/ontology reuse.
Perhaps software cooperation is a more reasonable goal. 

PS Has anyone ever attempted to make two CG applications, with different
extensions beyond the basic 37, cooperate? Any ideas? Could Ontolingua help?