Bruce Porter et al. position paper

Tom Gruber <>
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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91  15:22:47 PST
From: Tom Gruber <>
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Subject: Bruce Porter et al. position paper
\title{Building and Using Large,\\
Multifunctional Knowledge Bases}

\author{Bruce Porter, Art Souther,\\
                    Ken Murray, Liane Acker, James Lester,\\
                   Jeff Rickel, Rich Mallory, Erik Eilerts\\
                       Department of Computer Sciences\\
                        University of Texas at Austin\\
                             Austin, Texas 78712\\


Our research addresses issues in building and using large,
multi-functional knowledge bases.  This research, spanning four years,
has produced a knowledge base for one area of biology.  We intend to
use this knowledge base to support college-level intelligent tutoring
and research applications.

With respect to building knowledge bases, we are developing a
knowledge acquisition tool, KI, that interacts with domain experts to
extend a knowledge base.  KI performs the learning task of knowledge
integration -- the incorporation of new information into an extensive
knowledge base by searching for the consequences of the new
information.  Currently, we are combining KI and our frame editor so
that all additions to the Biology Knowledge Base are processed by KI.

With respect to using knowledge bases, we are developing a question
answering system, KNIGHT, that generates multi-paragraph explanations.
Thus far, our primary concern has been content determination.  Our
approach uses viewpoints to select portions of the knowledge base that
coherently answer a question.  Currently, we are combining KNIGHT with
the PENMAN text generation system.