another SRKB ontology-building experiment

Robert Neches <neches@ISI.EDU>
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Subject: another SRKB ontology-building experiment
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Date: Thu, 14 May 92 12:25:39 PDT
From: Robert Neches <neches@ISI.EDU>

  I just wanted to drop a short note to apprise folks of an ontology-building
exercise that I'd like to have listed as one of the ongoing experiments that
the Shared, Reusable Knowledge Bases working group is monitoring: a shared
model to support knowledge-based user interface construction.

  Jim Foley's research group at Georgia Tech and mine at ISI have been
separately engaged in developing ontologies of user interface design features
(covering topics such as modeling functionality in application programs,
capabilities of UI building blocks, interface stye and requirements,
characteristics of delivery platform hardware, descriptions of user tasks, and
characteristics of end-users).  Both groups have been using these models to
drive model-based user interface frameworks that offer complementary
design-time and run-time services.  Foley's group has emphasized design
critiquing and automated generation of animated help.  Our group has emphasized
visualization and editing tools at design time, and automated generation of
context sensitive presentation at run-time.

  We have been collaborating on a unified model that will allow us to create a
single development and execution environment that combines these capabilities
and makes our tools interoperable.  The joint modelling effort has reached a
point where we're prepared to start writing papers about it.  We're committed
to modifying our software to actually run under the new models, although the
rate at which we can proceed will depend on funding.

  -- Bob

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