Re: information about ontolingua

Tom Gruber <gruber@HPP.Stanford.EDU>
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Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 14:12:02 -0800
From: Tom Gruber <gruber@HPP.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Re: information about ontolingua
Cc: ontolingua@HPP.Stanford.EDU
>I'm interested in creating a pseudo-langage that represents concepts
>and relations between concepts in scientific texts.
>could you send me information about ontolingua how to get
>an evaluating version and examples of its implementation in lisp
>please write to


Ontolingua is free and comes with many examples.  All the documentation is
on th e world wide web.  From the WWW, the information is at

and from ftp the information and code is at /pub/knowledge-sharing/ontolingua/README.TEXT