Re: incomplete translations

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Date: Fri, 20 May 1994 10:19:15 -0800
To: "Cheng Hian GOH" <chgoh@MIT.EDU>,,
Subject: Re: incomplete translations
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>  1. Use the Ontolingua ontologies as a reference point, build my own Loom
>     versions to provide the functionalities that we will need (e.g., convert
>     between different units of measures) by encoding the knowledge in a
>     different way. (I haven't tried, but I presume that there is a way
>     to hack around the limitations.)

We (the Loom developers) are quite aware of certain shortcomings
in Loom's inference capabilities.  We hope to remedy them in
the next generation Loom (some years off), but we do not plan major increases
in the inferential capabilities of the current Loom.  However,
sometimes we have observed that clever/skillful use of phrasing
in Loom enables users to get the behavior they want with the
existing system.  If you can send me a small KB together with
a few examples of inferences you want to extract from it, we will
take a look and let you know whether or not we see a way to make
things work.  Phrasing in Loom is easiest, but we do know how
to read an Ontolingua spec.

Cheers, Bob

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