New patches for 4.0.alpha release

James Rice <Rice@HPP.Stanford.EDU>
Message-id: <2978357691-14799089@KSL-EXP-35>
Sender: RICE@KSL-EXP-35.Stanford.EDU
Date: Thu, 19 May 94  10:34:51 PDT
From: James Rice <Rice@HPP.Stanford.EDU>
To: ontolingua@HPP.Stanford.EDU
Cc: Gertjan van Heijst <>
Subject: New patches for 4.0.alpha release
I've just fixed a bug to do with a violation of the
frontend/backend protocol.

There's a new version of the patches.lisp file and an
updated ontolingua-4-0-alpha.tar.Z release in
Those who already have the releas only need the patch