Peter Karp <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 94 10:34:54 PDT
From: Peter Karp <>
Subject: Grasper
Message-id: <CMM.>
Let me clarify Tom's message regarding Grasper.  Grasper is a general
graph-manipulation package, which is what my message described.
Grasper itself has nothing to do with GFP or KR in general.  We've
built on top of Grasper some simple prototype GFP-based frame browsers
and editors.  Grasper itself is mature software that is available by
license (and fee).  The frame browsers are not mature software, and
are available for free from us.  

So you have the option of getting Grasper alone as a foundation on
which to build your own graph-based ontolingua applications, or you
can get Grasper plus our prototype GFP applications.  I just want to
make clear which parts here are mature and which are experimental.

Peter Karp