Graph-management system

Peter Karp <>
Date: Tue, 17 May 94 18:29:33 PDT
From: Peter Karp <>
To: ontolingua@HPP.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Graph-management system
Message-id: <CMM.>
SRI International announces the availability of Grasper-CL -- a CLIM-based
system for managing graphs.  Grasper-CL provides a range of services for
manipulating and displaying graphs (i.e., networks of nodes with connecting
edges) and is a foundation for building graph-based user interfaces for
application programs.

The system provides a graph abstract datatype with a comprehensive set
of defined operations, including the ability to save a graph to a disk
file.  Graph nodes and edges can be drawn in a variety of fonts,
shapes, and sizes.  A number of graph-layout algorithms are provided,
including tree layout, circular layout, and array layout; these
algorithms can be composed to produce hierarchical layouts.  The
system also provides full interactive graph drawing and editing

Grasper-CL has seen widespread use and testing in a number of Common
Lisp applications including the SIPE-2 planner, the Gister-CL evidential
reasoning system, and a NASA scheduler for the space telescope.  

Grasper-CL is available by license from SRI, along with full
documentation that includes a User's Guide and a Programmer's
Reference Manual.  The system currently runs on SUN workstations under
CLIM 1.1 (the Common Lisp Interface Manager) from Lucid; additional
platforms may be supported in the future.  For licensing information,
contact  You can FTP a 30 page technical
report that describes the system in detail from in
pub/papers/ (uncompress with gunzip).