MCC's functional interface language

Elaine Rich <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 91 09:01 CST
From: Elaine Rich <>
Subject: MCC's functional interface language
To: Tom Gruber <>,
In-reply-to: <2871771766-14522710@KSL-Mac-69>
Message-id: <19910102150150.3.RICH@PANINI.ACA.MCC.COM>

It sounds as though your goals for the ontolingua are very much
like ours.  You're right that we've got two kinds of functions
in the system right now, essentially EL ones and HL ones and it
would be good to clarify the distinction.   We're committed to
the basic structure of what's in that document, since the rest of
our system is built on it, but we're not committed to many of the
details, particularly if there are ways we can make things cleaner
and thus our whole system more portable across KBs.  So all comments 
are welcome.