"Graphical" Ontolingua?

fano@itmi.fr (Fano Ramparany)
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 93 09:08:14 +0200
From: fano@itmi.fr (Fano Ramparany)
Message-id: <9308310708.AA01016@wind.itminet>
To: ontolingua@KSL.Stanford.Edu, srkb-list@ISI.EDU
Subject: "Graphical" Ontolingua?

At the recent  Knowledge Sharing and Information Interchange,  several
persons have reported  on  the  difficulty of  understanding KIF plain
text ontology specifications, just reading  them  at the first glance.
I was  just wondering whether   an equivalent graphical representation

For instance, I'm more familiar with the KADS methodology, and find it
very convenient to look at  the KADS models  (domain models, inference
structures,  task  models)  through  their graphical   representation,
rather than through their formal logic specification.  Along  the same
line, I believe that the use of such graphical representation has been
a major reason for making the Conceptual Graph theory so popular.


PS: I apologize  if  this point  has  already  been discussed.  (I'm a
newcomer to this list).