Error while loading Ontolingua (Martin Schouwenburg)
Date: Fri, 7 May 93 10:42:02 +0200
From: (Martin Schouwenburg)
Message-id: <>
Subject: Error while loading Ontolingua
In-Reply-To: Mail from 'David Brill <brill@ISI.EDU>'
      dated: Fri, 23 Apr 93 09:43:01 PDT
Cc: Speel@HPP.Stanford.EDU

Here at the U.T. we have been busy porting our plinius-ontology project 
to various KL-one languages (Classic, Loom, Back, Taxon). It was natural
that we became interested in KIF and later Ontolingua to see how porta
ble ontologies could be made. We installed all the OL files and tried t
run it. All worked fine until a translation to Loom was tried. It didn't
recognize the Loom package, the source file of 'ol-to-loom.lisp' was not
loaded. If we loaded Loom (the language) and then OL it did load 'ol-to-
loom.lisp' but it made an error l

 ;;; Loading source file "/KbsWare/Kif/pcl/targets/loom/ol-to-loom.lisp"
>>Error: The function LOOM::DEF-KNOWLEDGE-BASE is undefined

   Required arg 0 (S): LOOM::DEF-KNOWLEDGE-BASE
:C  0: Try evaluating #'LOOM::DEF-KNOWLEDGE-BASE again
    1: Try loading #P"/KbsWare/Kif/pcl/targets/loom/ol-to-loom" again
:A  2: Abort to Lisp Top Level

I think we may have been making a wrong assumption during installation.
We use Loom 2.1.a2 and load this before Ontolingua.
In the Ontolingua package there were two sets
of files that were virtually identical. I use the pcl version. The result
of this is the error-message. We cann't figure out were the mistake has  
 been made. Do you have a suggestion?

                                Technical University of Twent