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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1993 13:53:11 +0100
From: Gertjan van Heijst <>
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Subject: including theories


Im currently working on a graphical editor that is able to handle
ontolingua theories. The editor will be part of a KA workbench. The
workbench infrastructure offers a library of user interface components that
presuppose a particular data representation. The integration of ontolingua
with the workbench is realised by defining a ontolingua implementation
:worbench and the appropriate methods for implement-define-theory,
implement-define-relation etc. The methods translate the ontolingua data
structures in appropriate workbench data structures. Off coures I will also
need to write a translator the other way around but I think that is

So far so good. Now the problem.... I want my editor to autoload included
theories whenever I read a theory from file. For example, when I load the
theory abstract-algebra, and that theory includes the frame-ontology, then
I want that the frame-ontology is translated into the :workbenck
inplementation before abstract-algebra is translated. Does anyone know if
this is possible without modifying ontolingua sources ???

Thanks in advance,


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