CIKM Intelligent Information Agents Workshop, Call for Papers

Timothy Finin <>
From: Timothy Finin <>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 1995 18:01:49 -0400
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Subject: CIKM Intelligent Information Agents Workshop, Call for Papers
			   Call for Papers

			  December 1-2, 1995

		       Omni Inner Harbor Hotel
		       Baltimore, Maryland, USA

		     held in conjunction with the
	  Fourth ACM International Conference on Information
		  and Knowledge Management (CIKM'95)

		Sponsored by ACM SIGART and ACM SIGIR
	   In cooperation with NASA, Bellcore, NSF, AAAI*,
	   IEEE Computer Society*, SIGLINK, CACS/USL, UMBC

The CIKM95 Workshop on Intelligent Information Agents will bring
together a small number of researchers who are working on or
interested in exploring the use of agent-oriented paradigms in
information systems.  A partial list of topics relevant to the
workshop is:

  o agent communication and messaging languages
  o agent programming and scripting languages
  o agent theories and architectures
  o interaction and coordination protocols (negotiation, partial global
     planning etc.)
  o learning agents and trainable agents
  o information mediators and agent-based middleware
  o the role of shared ontologies in agent systems
  o agent-human interfaces
  o information filtering, retrieval, gathering and monitoring
  o resource discovery by and for agents
  o integrated agent testbeds
  o applications of agent technology to digital libraries, electronic
    commerce, education, command and control, information filtering, data
    mining, etc.

FORMAT: The workshop will consist of invited talks, individual
presentations, and group discussion. If you wish to present your work,
please submit five copies of a paper (up to 5000 words) or extended
abstract (up to 2000 words).  To participate, please submit a short
position paper. All submissions should include an email address.
Graduate students who are engaged in a relevant research project are
encouraged to participate.  An informal proceedings will be compiled
from the extended abstracts and research statements and distributed at
the workshop.  Participants will be encouraged to submit in advance
electronic material or URLs for an online "proceedings" to be made
available on the web.  The workshop will begin on Friday afternoon,
December 1 and run through 5:00pm December 2.  There will be a joint
reception for all of the CIKM workshops on Friday evening.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: To get more information on the workshop and to
register your interest, send email to  You can
also find current information at  To get
more information on CIKM95 and to register your interest, send email
to  You can also find current information at

SUBMISSIONS: Papers, extended abstracts and position papers should be
submitted in electronic form -- HTML source is preferred; otherwise
postscript or ASCII.  If electronic submission is not possible,
hardcopy will be accepted.  Email electronic submissions to:
IIAW@CS.UMBC.EDU. FTP electronic submissions to FTP.CS.UMBC.EDU in
pub/iiaw/incoming. Mail hardcopy to: CIKM95 IIA Workshop, CSEE
Department, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 5401 Wilkens
Ave., Baltimore MD 21228-5398.  Please submit material so that it
arrives on or before September 22, 1995.  Invitations to participate
will be sent by October 20, and final copies of workshop papers will
be due on November 17.


 Yigal Arens (USC/ISI)
 Edmund Durfee (Michigan)
 Tim Finin (Maryland) CO-CHAIR (
 Benjamin Grossof (IBM)
 Michael Huhns (South Carolina) 
 Yannis Labrou (Maryland)
 James Mayfield (Maryland) CO-CHAIR (
 Don McKay (Loral)
 Daniella Rus (Dartmuth)