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                                CALL FOR PAPERS

                         JOURNAL OF REAL-TIME IMAGING
                                Academic Press

                               Special Issue on
              Special-Purpose Architectures for Real-Time Imaging

Nowadays, a number of different problems are solved through  image  processing 
techniques (e.g. industrial inspection, robot guidance, unmanned vehicles,...,
to  cite only a few examples). The problem of processing images  in  real-time 
has  been  generally  addressed and solved through the use of high-performance 
computer  systems,  developed  ad-hoc to meet the specific requirements of the
applications.  Serial or parallel architectures have been enhanced through the 
addition  of  various  bus systems, interprocessor communication networks, and 
other  features  explicitly  designed  to face the hard constraints imposed by
real-time  processing,  such  as  I/O  (data  acquisition  and  output),  data 
communications among processors (in multi-processor systems),...

A  number  of  different special-purpose architectures for image analysis have 
been proposed  and  developed,  but  seldom  the  presentation  focuses on the 
discussion  of  both  the  hard  real-time requirements (applications) and the 
hardware solutions which have been chosen (computer architectures).

The TOPICS of this Special Issue include, but are not limited to:

* Design of application-specific VLSI architectures;
* Performance analysis and comparison among different architectural solutions;
* Hardware mapping of parallel algorithms;
* VLSI architectures for HDTV and image compression;
* Hardware support for multimedia systems;
* Vision-based real-time robot and vehicle navigation;
* Massively parallel architectures for low-level vision;
* Hardware neural solutions;
* Experience on highly demanding vision applications.

Prospective  authors are encouraged to submit papers with a strong emphasis on 
the  match  between  the application requirements and the chosen architectural 
solutions,  detailing the ad-hoc hardware enhancements. Papers should describe 
systems  which  have  been designed for a specific target application or which 
have proved to be particularly suited for a given task.


* Authors  should  send  5  copies of their full paper (about 15 double-spaced 
  pages) to Alberto Broggi (whose address is indicated below).
* The closing date for submission is December 10th, 1995.
* Publication is tentatively expected to take place in mid 1996.

Accepted manuscripts will need to comply with all author guidelines of Journal 
of  Real-Time  Imaging,  available upon request from the guest editors or from


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