UK Open U. offers 33 'New Tech' Jobs (Enrico Motta)
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Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 15:08:21 +0100
From: (Enrico Motta)
Subject: UK Open U. offers 33 'New Tech' Jobs

If you are interested in 'Knowledge Media', then you might want to have a
look at the advert below...........


PS Apologies to those of you who might get multiple copies of this advert
from various servers.



New Technology Initiative


The UK's Open University is rising to the challenge of technological
change in many ways.  Our mission statement declares that we will
maintain an openness as to methods, and will harness evolving
technologies to enhance the quality of our teaching.  Our strategic
aims include a commitment to operate at the forefront of educational
and technological developments.

The University has approved a new programme of development to be known
as INSTILL: Integrating New Systems and Technologies Into Lifelong
Learning. Six of the key areas for investment in this programme are -

-   An Institute for R&D in Knowledge Media
-   A New Technology recruitment initiative
-   A satellite broadcasting project
-   Technological innovation in course materials eg CD-ROM
-   Harnessing the Internet for academic purposes
-   A laboratory to show-case OU technologies

As part of the New Technology Recruitment Initiative we plan to
appoint an additional 33 staff who can combine a high level of
academic potential with demonstrated competence in the application of
new technology to learning. Most appointments will be made to academic
Faculties, Schools and Institutes, but a number will be to academic
service units or to the Knowledge Media Institute.

THE KNOWLEDGE MEDIA INSTITUTE - Three major research teams at the Open
University, working with Professor Marc Eisenstadt, Dr. Tom Vincent
MBE, and Dr. Paul Bacsich, have recently joined forces to create the
Knowledge Media Institute.  Our interests include knowledge systems,
multimedia, advanced telematics, virtual classrooms, customisable
authoring tools, virtual science laboratories, and 'training on
demand'.  The technology itself is of secondary interest: we want to
gain insights into what it means to share knowledge; how knowledge can
be captured and conveyed; how to exploit new technologies to satisfy
the ever-increasing appetite for communication bandwidth; how to meet
the needs of mobile students; what radical new methods are needed to
assist disabled students; how to work in groups with students
scattered around the globe; how to harness software in the service of
human understanding.  Our research agenda is large and exciting.  We
want to foster life-long learning, but to do that we need to evolve
new media, harness them appropriately, and ensure that they are firmly
rooted in a rich representation of knowledge.  If you can help, as a
visionary, team leader, or software samurai, check out or email

Multimedia CVs welcome.

Application forms, access details for disabled applicants, and further
particulars for all posts (including contacts in each unit) are
available from

Personnel Officer (Recruitment)
The Open University
Milton Keynes MK7 6AA

by telephone to +44 1908 654901/654902 (inside UK replace '+44' by '0')

or by e-mail to

The closing date for applications is 9 June 1995.

Full details may be obtained in one of the following ways:

1. Generic advert (33 posts) and application forms:
World Wide Web:
Anonymous FTP: in directory /pub/documents/newtech.txt

2. Knowledge Media Institute 'further particulars' (7 posts):
World Wide Web:
Anonymous FTP: in directory /pub/documents/kmi-more.txt