RE: Ontology for Constraint Satisfaction Problem

James Rice <rice@HPP.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 17:05:20 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: RE: Ontology for Constraint Satisfaction Problem
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>>  I am a student in Mechanical Engineering. 

>>  I want to build ontology for Constraint Satisfaction Problem(CSP) for 
>>  collaborative design.

>>  Constraint Ontology in Ontolingua(parametric-constraint) is not just fit 
>>  my purpose because the parametric-constraint is based on objects, not
>>  on the problem solving. I made more classes,functions,relations for
>>  my purpose based on parametric-constraint but I want to check whether
>>  there is ongoing work for CSP or ontology other than
>>  parametric-constraint.

I don't remember anyone else doing this sort of thing, so
you'll have to hope for some other response.

>>  Also I do not believe my work is complete, there must be numerous errors.
>>  How can I check them out? Are there any debugging tools?

(At the risk of plugging yet again,) The new version of Ontolingua
that runs with the ontology editor has substantially improved
debugging and constraint checking.  You can load your ontology
easily with the "Import Definitions" command on the Library menu,
and use the "Analyse" command on the Ontology menu of the ontology
you're developing to get a report of problems.

[You'll need to read the FAQ on the differences between Ontolingua
 4.* and 5.0 to make sure your definitions are going to be compatible.
 This is available in the editor's documentation, and on the start
 page of the editor.]

Apart from this, Asun Gomez, who until a few days ago was with us
here at the KSL, but has now returned to Madrid, has been working
on the issue of critiquing ontologies and evaluating them for
completeness, correctness and such.  the results of her work will
eventually take the form of both primers and similar documentation
intended to help people to develop good ontology development technique
and good style, and eventually also programmatic means to help develop
good ontologies.  The former should be available soon(ish), the latter
is a research project, so don't hold your breath right now.  She's
only just got back to Spain, and it'll take her a while before she
gets back into the swing of things.  (Hey, wouldn't you if you'd been
out of the office for a year).

Rice - JR says, check out the ontology editor on