Hotgraphy request

Leo Pietro <>
From: Leo Pietro  <>
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 1994 16:19:17 GMT
Message-id: <>
To: ontolingua@HPP.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Hotgraphy request
/// I am sending this e-mail through different ways. Apologies, if you have already received it.//////

I am writing to require from you information about the Knowledge-Based System literatere on WWW (Papers, Software Systems, TR, etc.)
I have finished writing my Msc by research thesis on KBSs and ESs in Design and, currently, I am writing the thesis bibliography.
I planned also to put in my thesis a "hotgraphy" about KBSs and ESs in Design and therefore, I am collecting adresses concerning these topics.
I would be so grateful if you could send me all intresting URL adresses concening:
- KBSs
- ESs in Design
- Knowledge Level analysis
- KB Refinement
- AI in Design
- ML and KA
Once completed, I will return the list to whom it may be of interest.

Please, use this e-mail address to replay:

Piero Leo

PS. I am collecting also suggestions about the formal name to use for this kind of list in a thesis. The best candidate until now is "hotgraphy" but, other possible candidates are:
"WWWgraphy", "Cybergraphy", "Virtualgraphy", etc.
Please, feel free to send your possible candidate names for the list.