Call for Optics Help

Charles Petrie <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 1994 14:20:33 -0700
From: Charles Petrie <>
Message-id: <199405232120.OAA17353@bimini.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Call for Optics Help
-----------call for optics collaboration---------

Anyone interested in collaborating on the optics section of the
MADEFAST seeker is invited to contact Mark or Larry or George  We
are looking for expertise, services, and/or general design assistance.
Graduate student-level asistance is welcome.

Please take a look at the "Design Information" WWW page under the
"Current Design" heading and check out the "graphical representation
of seeker optics options", which is a graph of design options
discussed during a recent meeting (errors in this graph are all mine).

----------call for overall seeker design----------

I have added a link to what I call the "Simple Seeker" design, which
is the collection of simplest, low-resolution options.  This is not a
design discussed by the serious designers at the meeting: it is an
idea being thrown (perhaps to the wolves) out by me (*not a designer*)
for discussion.

Check it out. Could a Fresnel dome be fabricated (perhaps by MIT
laser)?  Would the static PSD with such a dome only track a spotlight?
What's a good quick experiment to find out if no one knows?  If
"Simple Seeker" is a bonehead design, then what is the general design
MADEFAST should target?