Easiest Two-Way Network Conferencing

Sender: Charles Petrie <petrie@cdr.stanford.edu>
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 15:38:27 PDT
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Subject: Easiest Two-Way Network Conferencing 
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Check out "Network Media" on the MADEFAST home page.

This contains instructions for accessing the EIT software to set up a
two-way shared whiteboard with another designer on your unix
workstation.  No system installation should be needed: just very basic
unix commands: edit a file, ftp a file, including the directory in
your path, and using a WWWeb browser such as Mosaic.  Check out the
page for the instructions.

Then try contacting Mark Cutkosky. Select the shared whiteboard option.

Notice that you don't need a camera on your system. It would be nice
to have a $5 Radio Shack microphone on your unix box though. 


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