New Member of the MADE Team at NIST (Peter F. Brown)
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 21:55:07 EDT
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From: (Peter F. Brown)
Subject: New Member of the MADE Team at NIST
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  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce all of you to the 
newest member of the MADE Community, Amy Knutilla. Amy has had some exposure 
to the MADE community over the last couple of years, she has attended 
several of the PI meetings.  Amy was involved with Ray Balcerak's IRFPA 
program while at the Army's Night Vision Lab and has a strong manufacturing 
background. She recently moved from the Army's Night Vision Lab over to 
NIST. She will be helping Kevin, Peter and I in supporting Pradeep and Mike. 
Over the next couple of months she will be the primary person at NIST 
working on MADEFAST and will be working with myself, Kevin and Pradeep on 
some State of the art assessments for Pradeep's FY 95 programs. I hope you 
will all take this opportunity to welcome Amy to the group. I am sure you 
will all find Amy as enjoyable to work with as we as NIST have found her to be. 


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